Olive Branch

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This is our opportunity to give recognition to the Olive Branches

that have supported our organization

  • To Jeff and the Vernon Soccer Club, a continued thank you for access to the field and resources
  • Many thanks to the best plumbing company. Ray Page Plumbing for being a co-sponsor for our Fall "Kick for Kids"
  • Appreciate the great folks at Jumpin Jonnies for being a co-sponsor of our Fall "Kick for Kids"
  • Your Family Home Care, thank you for being a co-sponsor for our Fall "Kick for Kids"
  • To the Maid Brigade of Vernon, the entire board would like to say thanks
  • The Vernon Rotary club, all your efforts go a long way to serving our purpose. 
  • Marc-Andre and family, your donations and participation in Kick for Kids is greatly appreciated
  • Uptown Consignment (http://www.uptownconsignment.com) in South Windsor, Connecticut, thanks so much.  All of the donated clothing was able to be given to children in need.
  • Kurt and Victoria, thank you for your continued support from the begining
  • Thanks to Industrial Packaging for sponsoring a team in our Spring "Kick for Kids" in Putnam
  • Dan and Becky, your kind donations are what helps us continue our efforts
  • JP, your support helps and will continue to help kids in poverty
  • Many thanks to A Block Away Construction for co-sponsoring our Spring "Kick for Kids" in Putnam
  • The Eaton Family, thank you for the extra hands of support
  • To the Thierel Family, your support helps the Foundation fulfill its mission
  • To alll RHS soccer players, many thanks for playing in our "Kick for Kids"
  • Many thanks to the Reynolds Family for being a donor
  • Colleen, Keith, and Erin, your donations are greatly appreciated
  • To the entire Depercio Family, everything you have done does not go unnoticed
  • Kathy, your committment to the Foundation and the kids that we help means a lot
  • Jean, Ann, and Sarah, many thanks for the help you have provided
  • Thank you to Jutta and Ross Clark, from Kyabram, Australia and the Kyabram Motor Inn (http://www.kyabrammotorinn.com.au) for your ongoing generous support!  Your donation is helping to provide a daily breakfast to 140 hungry bellies.
  • Dr. Heidi Salonek at Oak Spring Chiropractic (http://www.oschw.com/)  in Oakdale, Minnesota, and the Maplewood Rotery Club thank you so much for all of your support in helping us meet our goal of putting a new pair of sneakers on 140 little feet!
  • Amy, Rebecca, Lisa, Richard, and Leah from Day Kimball Hospital, thank you for all your sock, underwear, clothing, and monetary donations for our September 2013 trip.
  • Thank you Grandma for your generous contribution in support of our September 2013 medical clinic.
  • John and Christine Buelow of  Buelow Excavating (http://www.buelowexcavating.com) in Stillwater, Minnesota, thanks so much for paying for the deworming medication that helped to rid 150 children of intestinal parasites.
  • Thank you to all of the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Ellington, Connecticut ward who contributed school supplies by the truck load!
  • Thank you Lena for donating all of your used kids clothes to a complete stranger!
  • Laura and Alena, much love as your support helped us to ship the donated items into the Dominican Republic.
  • Thank you Debra for all of the items you donated in support of the September 2013 trip, and for your never ending support and enthusiasm for the cause!
  • Thank you to our favorite dentist Dr. Rogers and your beautiful wife Sarah for donating 120 dental hygiene kits!  The children loved them!
  • Around the Clock Home care (http://www.atchomecare.com/ in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, and Evans much thanks!  Your contribution made our medical clinic possible for the September 2013 trip.
  • Volunteering her time in support of the cause, we thank you Lisa Salazar.
  • Thank you Alison…you are a complete stranger but you were our first official financial contributor on paypal, and it literally made my day!
  • Much to Serita and Larry Smith for hand delivering school supplies and goodies to the children in Padre Granero while on a vacation of their own!
  • Thank you Javon Witter for your support.
  • Kelli and Steve Szuluka, thank you for being great friends and helping. 
  • Joe La Puma thank you for your kind donation.
  • Dain Perkins and Family, we appreciate your ongoing support
  • Carl Guglietta, thanks for the passion you show at each of our events
  • Mark McGinnis, thank you for your kind donation and photography

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