Barrels of Hope

The Faith, Hope, and Joy Foundation is collecting items for our “Barrels of Hope” project. Large barrels can be shipped from the United States and sent directly to the Dominican Republic. Barrels are presently being shipped from Minneapolis and Connecticut. Any of the following items would be greatly appreciated: powdered milk, oatmeal, brown sugar, cream of wheat, rice, dried beans, tuna, protein powder, protein bars, peanut butter, jelly (plastic jars), powdered Gatorade, ensure, Pediasure, children’s vitamins, children’s Tylenol, children’s clothing, young men and women’s clothing, shoes up to size 11 men’s, sleeping bags, blankets, portable cribs, sheets, foam for bedding, small cots, soap, backpacks, underwear, socks, flashlights, lotrimin cream, hair clippers, books (Spanish, French, and English), flashcards, picture books, computer games, notebooks, pencils, pens, coloring books, crayons, markers, paper, paint, toys, any educational item, scissors, glue, glitter, any arts and craft material, camping mats, cooking oil, water bottles. This is an easy project to get people involved in understanding that “Together we can make a Difference”.

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