Together we can make a difference.

Your donations go so far:  For the September 2013 school year Faith, Hope, and Joy was able to provide:

  • Medical clinics-records, medications and/or referrals to local hospitals when needed
  • Rent additional space above the school to provide the students with another classroom and a kitchen for food prep
  • Daily breakfast program for 140 children
  • Access to clean water at the school
  • Fund an English education program 5 days a week
  • Funding for a school social worker to assist with the various personal issues that children in the school present with
  • Purchase school books for 140 children
  • Fund a motorcycle to provide transportation to children who have physical limitations preventing them from getting to school
  • Providing humanitarian aid by way of clothing, shoes,and dental hygiene kits.
  • Supported specific children/families that were in particularly difficult situations (physically, medically, financially)

Priorities going forward for this project include:

  • Fund costs associated with medical mission clinics that provide preventative care services, medical records, antiparasitic medications, and referrals as needed for school children.  We expect to see 400 children in July 2014.
  • Fund our nutritional program.  Starting in the September 2014 school year we hope to feed 300 children breakfast every day!  
  • Shipment fees for used clothing, shoe, and hygiene supply donations
  • Financially support children/families who are in particularly difficult situations on a short term basis.

Your monetary donations can go far! 100% of all donations go directly to the cause. Members of the Faith, Hope, and Joy Foundation team are unpaid volunteers. We believe in complete transparency and are willing to show you where your donations are going, and how they are helping.

The Faith, Hope, and Joy Foundation is a tax exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code for U.S. tax purposes



All donations go to the kids we help support. Help us make a difference today.


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