1 Year Aniversary Recap

This month marks a year since our organization set out to change the lives of children living in circumstances of extreme poverty in the Dominican Republic.  In the past year we have made great strides......


Kick for Kids- Spring 2014

Our Spring 2014 Kick for Kids events in Killingly and Vernon, Connecticut were a great sucsess!  So many new players came out to participate that previously were unaware of The Faith, Hope, and Joy Foundation.  We all had fun, got a good workout in, and raised money for kids in need....


May 2014 Mission Trip

Our May 2014 trip was a great adventure!  We were able to allow Frankie and his family to meet his monthly sponsor, Kathy Dooley.  As fate would have it we visited the week of Frankie's birthday and it was fun to be able to celebrate with him.  Frankie is doing fantastic....


Success Stories

Very excited to report that Frankie has now gained 30 pounds! He is now coming to school every day and just loving it. He is working hard at trying to catch up on his studies. We are looking for a family sponsor to provide a weekly food stipend for Frankie and his family. Ten dollars a week can do so much. The story of Frankie inspires me with hope and gives me motivation for the future. It is for children like him that we have...

News & Events

  • Save the date, our 3rd Annual Kids Fair will be on May 20th at the International Magnet School in South Windosr  To learn more, contact us today.
  • We are in early stages on planning for our July Mission Trip.  If interested, contact us today.


Upcoming Events

Foundation Videos

  • "Kick for Kids" on Fox CT Fox CT News