Updates from the Children

We got an email from Caitlin from Project Esperanza in Puerto Plata. We did a small clinic there, and hope to be able to a large scale clinic for the kids in Munoz next time we visit. Caitlin brought in a little girl that had asthma and some congenital problems that will prevent her from walking. We were able to help out with a nebulizer, medications for the asthma, and a baby jogger to help the family get her around more easily...


January 2014 Trip

Just returned from the Padre Granero, Puerto Plata-Dominican Republic. Some very good news to report. A few of our children who were nutritionally in some of the poorest conditions are now doing much better. One little 3 year old went from being lethargic, with edema, and severe heart murmur due to malnutrition has now gained 5 pounds! He is laughing, playing, can stay awake the entire day, no longer has peripheral...


Kick for kids a Success!!!

Today we enjoyed a morning filled with friends and soccer! KICK FOR KIDS was a tremendous success as everyone who participated had great time and enjoyed a competitive game. Thanks to the generous donations of so many, The Faith, Hope, and Joy Foundation was able to raise $2100! This is the equivalent of 4 months of meals for 140 kids. What an amazing blessing. I can’t tell you how it felt to see all of you out there supporting us in this truly worthy cause. Although we most certainly will be sore tomorrow… it was a great day!


November 2013 Trip

Faith, Hope, and Joy just got back from another mission trip to Puerto Plata Dominican Republic working with Youth Upliftment’s primary school. We were able to set up a kitchen with appliances, pots, and necessary cooking items to help facilitate the food program to 140 Haitian children. The current staff were given nutrition and cooking lessons while volunteers fine-tuned a menu. We are excited that the children are now receiving hot items as part of their meal each day because we have a fully functioning kitchen...

News & Events

  • Save the date, our 3rd Annual Kids Fair will be on May 20th at the International Magnet School in South Windosr  To learn more, contact us today.
  • We are in early stages on planning for our July Mission Trip.  If interested, contact us today.


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